Welcome to Composition Craft

seminary photoWelcome! My name is Laurel Plimpton and I am grateful that you decided to investigate what I aim to offer via Composition Craft either in the traditional classroom setting or one-on-one private tutoring. I desire to provide students a high-quality classical education, taught from a Biblical worldview. I graduated from Cornerstone University with my Bachelors of Arts – Humanities in Literature and minors in Creative Writing and History.

I am a lifelong learner and avid book addict; who has read extensively and writes continuously. I am passionate about investing in students, equipping them to succeed in college and throughout life by training in the pursuit of excellent writing and communication skills. Putting talk into action, I wrote The Ambassador, a fiction story about a missionary pilot and his travels, based on research about countries, missions and real people serving Jesus Christ. Additional pieces are always in process whether a novel or a poem. Through Cornerstone University, I studied abroad in Kosovo and contributed four blogs to the team website: gokosovo.wordpress.com, one of which, “A Special Friendship,” was published in the student newspaper The Herald.